Institute for Environmental Genomics
Institute for Environmental Genomics
Institute for Environmental Genomics

>>Paper Published in Nature Communications

>>Dr. Zhou awarded a George Lynn Cross Research Professorship

>>Tao Xu awarded a George L. and Cleo Cross Graduate Scholarship from the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology

>>Zhou lab members receive awards for 2014 ASM meeting

>>Zhou lab publication in PNAS

>>IEG 2013 Performance Scholarship Recipients Announced

>>Zhou Lab Publication "Highly Accessed"

>>Zhou Lab Publication Selected as an Editors' Pick by mBio

>>2012 IEG Scholarship Winners Announced

>>New paper in press

>>Zhou lab members receive awards for 2013 ASM meeting

>>Tao Xu winner of the OK EPSCOR State Conference student hybrid poster competition

>>Three abstracts selected for contributed talks at ESA

>>Dr. Zhou Appointed to the ASM Committee on Global Engagement

>>Proposed Special Session accepted for 98th ESA Annual Meeting

>>Zhou lab members receive awards for 2012 ASM meeting

>>Dr. Zhou receives VPR Award

>>Zhou lab paper published by Nature Climate Change

>>Dr. Zhou appointed a member of the ASM Committee on Environmental Microbiology

>>IEG Announces 2010 IEG Award Winners

>>Zhou lab members receive awards from ASM

>>GeoChip used to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

>>Dr. Zhou to attend the HIT 90th Anniversary Celebration in Harbin, China

>>Institute for Environmental Genomics awarded a 2010 Innovator of the Year award

>>Dr. Zhou now an Editor for mBio

>>2010 ASM General Meeting

>>OU GeoChip Wins a 2009 R&D100 Award

>>Dr. Jizhong Zhou Awarded an Outstanding Asian American 2009

>>Dr. Zhou Invited to the People's Republic of China's 60th Anniversary Celebration

>>New technology earns spot in national research magazine

>>University of Oklahoma GeoChip selected for 2009 R&D Award

>>Dr. Zhou's 1996 paper listed as one of the 20 Most-Frequently Cited Articles in Appl. Environ. Microbiol. as of March 1, 2009

>>Dr. Jizhong "Joe" Zhou Named 2008 AAAS Fellow

>>N) along a 3,200 km aridity gradient and reveal a hump-shaped relationship between soil δ

>>N and aridity index (AI) with a threshold at AI=0.32. Variations of foliar δ

>>N, the abundance of nitrification and denitrification genes, and metabolic quotient along the gradient provide further evidence for the existence of this threshold. Data support the hypothesis that the increase of gaseous N loss is higher than the increase of net plant N accumulation with increasing AI below AI=0.32, while the opposite is favoured above this threshold. Our results highlight the importance of N-cycling microbes in extremely dry areas and suggest different controlling factors of N-cycling on either side of the threshold.

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